Bike Insurance

What are the benefits of Bike Insurance?


A bike insurance is a legal necessity, as well as that, it is also something that should put your mind at ease, while giving you the best cover possible. To make sure that you get a bike insurance that suits your needs and circumstances, you don’t have to go far, Right Choice Insurance Brokers offer a personal approach to your past incidents and present financial situation, with an aim to provide you with the most suitable cover. 

With over 20 years experience at negotiating the best premiums by treating every customer as an individual our expert underwriting team are sure to find our best deal.


  • Accidents / Convictions – NO PROBLEM
  • Young Riders / Just Passed / Born Again – NO PROBLEM
  • High performance bikes – NO PROBLEM
  • Imported or modified bikes – NO PROBLEM
  • Dual / multi bike policies – NO PROBLEM


What you can do to reduce your premium


  • Don’t over estimate your mileage, overestimating will increase your premium
  • Check what security is fitted you may be surprised to see it qualifies for a discount
  • If you have a garage use it
  • If you have a birthday within the next 2 months, please call us, as we may be able to uprate your age
  • If you have an accident or conviction which is 3 months from being 3 years old, call us, as we may be able to disregard it
  • More than 1 bike in the household? you may qualify for up to 65% discount
  • Consider the level of cover, has your bike dropped in value since ownership? Is it now worth considering reducing to TPFT or TPO?